When two instances occur close together, they are connected by an invisible relationship.
Splice reveals their attractions and repulsions. Will your senses have the ability to discover
the connection between them? We invite you to join us in exploring these juxtaposed
ideas of our Advanced Graphic Design students of the Myers School of Art.
RECEPTION: 11.26.13 @ 5:30-8 PM
EXHIBITION: 11.26.13 - 12.06.13
Some work in progress...
Samantha Kessler is working hard on her final project for the show. The concept plays off of the juxtaposition of two images while seamlessly integrating them using a weave. Scroll down to the "artists" section of the page and click on Sam's name to view more of her work, check out her artist statement and send her an email!

Check in with us periodically to see more of the progress images from the show.
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What are we up to?
The show has come and gone and finals week is upon us. SPLICE was a great success and we appreciate all that showed up for the opening reception, despite the snowy conditions. We
will be critiquing our pieces and the deconstruction process will begin on Friday, December 6.
Interpreting the Shadows
Shadows are everywhere. They carry no physical weight, but without them the visual weight of objects would be entirely different. They get overlooked every day, even despite their importance in our world. “Interpreting the Shadows” brings a famous Martin Luther King Jr. quote to life by casting the quote as a shadow on a wall. It is an open and vague quote to be read by the user however they perceive it. It is designed to show how one element can be juxtaposed with another element. In this case, light is being used to create a void (the shadow) that can be read by the viewers.

Putting on the “Splice” show was quite an experience. It really showed how intense the process was to go from concept to final; not only in my personal piece, but the show in its entirety. As far as my personal piece went, I learned a good amount from it. I learned mainly how fragile thin wood is while it is subjected to human interaction. It unfortunately has a tendency to break. I enjoyed experimenting with different concepts using the laser cutter and utilizing light and shadow in a completely unique way. It pushed me as a designer to create a more installation-based piece, and to add a sculptural element to engage the audience a little more than what I regularly create. In the end, it was thoroughly enjoyable, and working with everyone else gave me the little bit of real world experience needed to push me forward as I get prepared for graduation.
Jennifer Ly >
Hana Hikari
Paper folding became popular outside of Japan in the mid-1900s, generating a multitude of different techniques and styles. The goal was to transform a flat sheet of paper into a 3D sculpture through various folding methods. One of the vast amounts of sculptures created in origami is the flower. Flowers share physical traits that people view as beauty: organic, smooth and sweet smelling. Creating an object inspired by nature by means of a human task gives the artwork an ultimately distinct narrative.

Reaction Statement
Reflecting upon the show Splice helped me realize how much work goes into an exhibition. My piece incorporated the art of origami with colorful lights to emphasize the colors of nature and by adding a touch of fragrance to give the flowers a sense of realism. Through the entire process I had to make sure that each piece of paper was measured, folded, and positioned correctly. I had some struggles but in the end produced great results! Working together with my classmates also gave me an insight on how working with other designers in a collaborative environment will be like. Overall I really enjoyed designing and creating a show that involved everyone’s ideas and enthusiasm!
< Collin Arnold
Cody Cooke >
Frame of Reference
Almost everything around us that is printed in color consists of four inks known as CMYK: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. They are combined to create images that appear to have a full continuous range of colors. In this triptych of prints, colors are used to bring organic, natural landscapes to life while black is used to depict manmade objects that fit within them. My project explores the two different printing processes of silkscreen & intaglio and how they can be used together.

As a designer I am used to making new things, but creating a show from scratch was a new and stimulating experience. I have never participated in an exhibition prior to this and I thought it was challenging, yet very rewarding. For my project, I chose to work with familiar materials, but in an unfamiliar way. Combining screen-printing and intaglio was something I had not attempted before. I was very happy with how my piece came together and felt it was successful, as was the whole show. I feel privileged to have helped create Splice and would like to say thanks to everyone who helped and to those who came to our opening.
< Jennifer Ly
Julia Herhold >
Adjacent Anatomy
A life size puzzle showing the difference between contrasting human figures. Seven proportions of the body are being mixed and matched as all four juxtaposing images are interacted with. We can compare these juxtaposed layers as they are being spliced together, creating new forms.

Reaction Statement
When I found out we were putting together a show for the Advanced Graphic Design class I was very excited. I never realized how much work goes into buidling a show. After several weeks of brainstorming we agreed on the theme of juxtaposition. My work “Adjacent Anatomy” shows juxtaposition through the viewer’s interactions as they rotate each layer. I learned tremendously from this experience and I enjoyed working as a team with everyone in class.
< Cody Cooke
Andrew Brennan >
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month is an ironic and somber juxtaposition of the vast gap in childhoods across the world. Our wealth has made our reality foggy, but in truth millions of children are deprived of their innocence and forced into perpetual labor. Poverty has doomed generations into this modern slavery and our tragic indifference has assisted in their suffering. The coloring book is a symbol of child-like bliss, but my book is crowded with distressing scenes of the childhood we don’t see. The invisible hands that produce our goods are pleading for someone to recognize their torment.

Reaction Statement
As an art student, Splice was a refreshing challenge that stimulated all aspects of a real-world experience. Setting my own deadlines and producing work as dictated by myself allowed me to become confident in my own decision-making. Countless hours of sketching and refining taught me how to produce something impactful and quality. As a class we faced critical choices and had to work together to achieve a successful show. I am grateful for the opportunity to be apart of this positive experience and I hope to translate this understanding into my career.
< Julia Herhold
Nick Lopez >
Sports of all forms are usually recognized as competitive physical activities, which aim to use, maintain, or improve physical ability and skills. What is not usually recognized is the art that a sport creates within all the motions being exerted and the movement of participants painting a portrait on a field instead of a canvas. Lacrosse is my blank canvas, my vision. It is a sport based on agility, strength, endurance and the physical mind, that not only combines the speed of hockey, brutality of football, and endurance of soccer, but also the finesse and beauty of ballet. The images on display juxtapose these perspectives and identify the motions seen in both.

Reaction Statement
Coming into Advanced Graphic Design I was excited about the experience to collaborate as a team in order to create an art exhibition that could be displayed for all our peers. The idea of contrasting the similarities and differences between ballet and lacrosse presented itself as an interesting piece that brought two things that appear so different, together in one setting. The preparation for the piece presented some issues in the beginning that I was able to overcome as the set continued. That entire shoot was the first time I have ever directed and organized an event for production and gave me a greater insight on how sets operate. The actors were excited to be part of this project and the reaction from social media added to the excitement of presenting this project in an art gallery setting. The experience I've taken from Advanced Graphic Design will be something that will carry with me outside my college career and helped me develop skills I would not get in a studio setting.
< Andrew Brennan
Amanda Fogler >
Circle of Life
Poachers have been targeting elephants due to the high demand of ivory on the black market today. Some cultures believe that ivory tucks and horns have medicinal purposes and they slaughter these magnificent creatures to make profit. Other cultures worship these kind creatures as a religious symbol. In the Hindu cultures, the face of an elephant and rhinoceros are the symbols if their spiritual gods Ganesha and Ganpathi. Everyday innocent animals are caught in the middle of life and worship vs. death and profit.

Reaction Statement
Being part of the Splice exhibit, has been the most exciting experience I have had going to the University of Akron thus far. As a graphic design student, its rare to get the chance to express my passion through the fine arts of sculpture. My inspiration was to grab the viewers attention with several articles I had found about elephant poaching. Using crushed up newspaper and several layers of paper maché, I created a real life size, three dimensional, baby elephant covered in poaching articles. With this great learning experience, I believe that I have become a better team player, designer. Looking back I can say that I made a 52in x 48in elephant that informed people that didn’t know about the serious issue of elephant poaching.
< Nick Lopez
Andrew Snyder >
Andrew Snyder
Sound Waves
Sound is a mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through some medium (like air, gas, or water), composed of frequencies which are within the range of hearing. My installation is a visual interpretation of these sound waves transmitted through a non-Newtonian fluid, which is a substance that changes viscosity depending on the pressure exerted on it.

Reaction Statement
This class was definitely an adventure for all of us. After learning what all goes into planning a show and the teamwork needed to pull it off, I think us seniors can agree that the adventure was favorable. For my piece, I was tested to step out of my comfort zone and that proved to be a challenge. The idea of sound vs. form was interesting and my goal was to engage the audience in the piece. I haven’t had too many opportunities to create any 3d dimensional installations and a great deal was learned. The finely tuned skills from this class will prove to help me in my future career.
< Amanda Fogler
Samantha Kessler >
Samantha Kessler
Natural Additives
A farmer grows, harvests, and consumes his crop. For the city-dwellers on the other hand, the process is delayed as they must wait for the products to processed, packaged and shipped. Freshness is sacrificed for convenience. Growing up on a farm myself and moving to the city was a culture shock. My work juxtaposes the origins of food sources based on the lifestyles of the rural farm and the city-dweller.

Reaction Statement
Upon entering Advanced Graphic design I thought that collaborating with a large group to put on an exhibition would be an easy task. It proved to be very challenging. After the class came up with the theme of the show there was the daunting task of coming up with a solid concept for my own piece. I decided that I wanted to compare the opposing life styles of the city dweller and the farmer through the foods that they consume. This would be accomplished by taking photos and using a weaving technique to combine the contrasting images. Acquiring the photos of the store bought food presented a challenge since most grocery stores do not allow photos to be taken. Once the photos for the project were taken it came together quickly as the weaving began. After the opening ceremony, I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride in my work. This class has given me confidence that I did not have before.
< Andrew Snyder
Bailey Bixler >
Bailey Bixler
Mazes are a network of paths designed as a puzzle, through which one must travel their way from start to finish. Traditionally there is only one way to travel through a maze to get from start to finish. Every day a new puzzle is projected onto the surface of the wall in the gallery. Traces of past attempts will not be erased and the final outcome of multiple efforts will result in the final project. Be a part of my work and come see if you can pick the right path to outsmart the maze.

Reaction Statement
Splice was a refreshing change from what I’ve been able to do so far as a designer. This show challenged my creativity by forcing myself to create a piece around a specific theme. At the beginning of the process I thought of a few possible pieces to do, but the execution of them were difficult to complete.I didn’t realize the amount of work it was going to take to execute it overall. A majority of my time was spent designing the mazes specific for each day of the exhibition. To my surprise, projecting them onto the wall was a lot of work. I had trouble with finding the right projector and also the size of the projection itself. It definitely took a lot of work and a lot of planning to get it up and running. I did appreciate displaying my work in a new way using technology though. Overall the mazes I designed and the show itself were such a success. It was great to work together as a class and plan such a creative exhibition.
< Samantha Kessler
Justin Bader >
Justin Bader
Animal of the Month Award
Changes to the environment are critical to the survival of life. Electronic waste is becoming more of a threat by adding hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, arsenic and copper to the ecosystem. Even by taking electronics to recycling centers, only a fraction is actually recycled. Most of the material is deposited to dumps or burned. This releases toxic elements into the air, the ground and the water contaminating the environment. My artwork raises awareness by exaggerating the effect that ewaste has on the environment.

Reaction Statement
When the semester started, as a class we were challenged to come up with a theme, logo, website and overall marketing solution. The largest challenge was to come up with a project that related to the topic. I wanted my sculpture to represent what the e-waste has on the environment using what is normally toxic in the environment to visually create the duck using circuit boards. This class has given us experience in working in small design teams to creatively solve real world problems. The show was an overall challenge, but ended up being a great show and am happy to have been a part of this class.
< Bailey Bixler
Selig Yost >
Selig Yost
Seal of Kortello
Digital illustration meets 8­bit graphics in this single­player flash game platformer. With keyboard and mouse you control Kortello, the pixel art hero who has been plagued with a abysmal fate. A fate casted by a trio of Magi who seal Kortello in concrete blocks. Unable to freely move, control Kortello and discover how to unseal his granular prison.

Reaction Statement
Seal of Kortello was an ambitious flash game complete with dialogue, boss battles, fireballs, and jetpacks. I am glad numerous audience members had a desire to play the game and were able to defeat the final boss. Examining all the parts that came together to promote and initiate the show, the end result was a good experience and will be a factor in how I approach future projects.
< Justin Bader
Tony Scribner >
Tony Scribner
Visual Deception: Adelbert Ames and Jean Bouchet
The Ames window uses perspective to give the alternating illusion of an oscillating and rotating window. The beam running through the middle appears to rotate both ways and sometimes appears to actually move through the window itself. The Bouchet chair on the other hand deceives by removing the seat, setting it at a distance and place it so the spectator appears to tiny atop when viewed from a distance. Both these illusions demonstrate how easily the eye easily misinterprets objects that it sees due to simple elements such as size shape and proximity.

Reaction Statement
The show splice inspired me to explore optical illusions and to work out how they fool the eye. With a little paint, proper placement and lighting, these pieces fooled the viewer’s eye, causing them to see things that they could easily discount upon close inspection of the work. I was also able to learn how a show can be brought from a simple concept (which is not always easy to come by) to completion. This process included advertisement and proper signage as well as getting the word out to friends and family. I worked on the print team, whose focus was on the post cards and posters for the show. This required working as a team, which taught me how designs could be integrated into the final piece using input from different designers. This process fortified my ability to compromise as well as coming up with fresh ideas to help spark innovation and creativity.
< Selig Yost
Maggie Duff >
Maggie Duff
For this series of paintings, I am exploring images that I regularly see on the computer and the Internet. These images are used to use of color, shape, and light that define our daily experiences, and make up an alternate world that we place ourselves in for hours of the day. By transforming these experiences into painting, I am working to combat the drab monotony of the designs on the screen, while at the same time offering an opportunity to contrast the two worlds: the raw, physical nature of paint with the crisp, digital nature of the screen.
< Tony Scribner
Thank you!
To all our guests and visitors,
We would like to thank you for viewing our website and attending SPLICE at The University of Akron Myers School of Art. If you have not had a chance to visit the show, our 13 advanced graphic design seniors will be displaying their work from November 26th until December 6th 2013. We hope you enjoyed our juxtaposed pieces and invite you to join us again for future installments. For more information or updates about SPLICE please visit our Facebook/UASpliceShow or Twitter/UASpliceShow.